Blue Zoom WiFi | PC Repair
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PC Repair

Computer Repair Pricing Guide

 PC Checkup  Running diagnostics to check for virus or determine issues.  FREE
 Computer Set-up  Set-up of new computer and user accounts.  $20.00
 Software Install  Installation of customer provided software to device.  $20.00
 Ram Install or Upgrade  Adding to, or replacing, existing memory.  $25.00
 Data Backup  Back-up important documents or pictures. Flash Drive not included.  $25.00
 Printer Set-up  Install and set-up printer at customer location.  $30.00
 Data Recovery  Recovery of deleted files or pictures. Flash Drive not included.  $40.00
 Boost Package  Removal of unwanted and unused programs to speed up device.  $40.00
 Hard Drive Replacement  Replace/Upgrade hard drive. Hard drive not included.  $40.00
 Basic Virus Removal  Removal of any virus and spyware detected.  $100.00
 Ultimate Virus Removal  Removal of any virus detected, restore to factory setting. Antivirus installation included.  $130.00

Completion times will vary depending on current work load, availability of software or hardware needed to complete repair, etc. Repair payment due at time of pick-up and cannot be added to current internet invoice. Equipment will not be released until full payment is made.