Blue Zoom WiFi | Tech Tips
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Tech Tips

Useful Tools

This section of the website is for our customers to be able to locate useful software and websites that can be used by our customers. Please be advised that some links will open webpages that lead away from BlueZoom. BlueZoom is not responsible for content on other websites.


 Adobe Reader Allows for viewing of PDF Files
Speed Test Test the speed of your internet connection
Anti-Virus Download free virus protection
Security Software Microsoft Security Essentials
Malwarebytes Removes malicious software from computers
Microsoft Downloads Find updates, tools, clip art, templates for Microsoft Products

Virus Information

There are several ways to prevent viruses from attacking your computer or network. Computer virus prevention is usually much easier than computer virus removal. Here are a few suggestions on how to keep your computer healthy and free of viruses.

  1. Keep Antivirus Software installed and Updated
  2. Keeping Windows Updated
  3. Avoid Dangerous Websites and Software